Sectors Outlook

2011 Middle Tennessee Commercial Real Estate Survey

(third of three posts)

This is our last post detailing the results of our CRE survey. Responders were asked to predict how each sector of Middle Tennessee commercial real estate will preform in 2011 compared to 2010.

Within the sectors, multi-family (75%), office (72%), retail (66%) and industrial (53%) are expected to perform better, while land (75%) and real estate owned (52%) are expected to perform the same or worse this year.

The survey also asked responders to describe the best thing that could happen in 2011 to strengthen Middle Tennessee’s commercial real estate market. Responders hoped most for the relocation of new business to the area (26%), corresponding job creation and stability (21%) and the availability of lending (20%).

Check out the Sales Outlook.

Check out the Leasing Outlook.


2 responses to “Sectors Outlook

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  2. Thanks for doing this survey. Based on the increase and quality of our activity, I’d day this is an accurate snapshot look. Even the banks are starting to have more confidence and are advancing financials plans.

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