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Neighborhood Spotlight: Green Hills

One of Nashville’s most affluent communities can be found just a few miles south of downtown. Nestled between the 12 South and Belle Meade neighborhoods, Green Hills is a bustling community that welcomes both natives and newcomers to share in its many shopping, dining and recreational opportunities.

Green Hills began as a small community in the 1930s. After World War II, it grew significantly as people began building houses in anticipation of new business activity throughout the area.

The neighborhood is most widely known for its upscale shopping, such as the Hill Center – an open-air shopping concept – and the Mall at Green Hills, which opened in 1955 as a strip mall. Since then, the mall has undergone major expansions and renovations so that it now holds more than 100 stores and restaurants combined. Green Hills is also home to an iconic music venue, the Bluebird Cafe, which opened in 1982 and welcomes more than 70,000 visitors each year.

The community is located just a short distance from Nashville’s three major universities – Belmont, Lipscomb and Vanderbilt. College students and families alike can be seen at the local movie theater and nearby restaurants.

Radnor Lake State Park rests on the outskirts of Green Hills and boasts abundant wildlife, scenic hiking trails and numerous photo opportunities.

Real estate in the area is booming as more people and businesses look for places to reside within Davidson County. Southeast Venture’s architecture team is currently designing a new multi-family development in the heart of the shopping district with plans for a LEED-certified “green” roof.

At the Hill Center, Southeast Venture helped Endodontic Associates find its new home and provided interior design services to arrange the space according to its needs. A local foster care organization, Monroe Harding, also recently enlisted Southeast Venture to sell its property and use the proceeds to expand its youth services.

Green Hills is a popular neighborhood that will experience sustainable growth as new developments and renovations take place. And areas like this are sure to increase in value as demand for space in and around Nashville continues to rise.

Neighborhood Spotlight: 12 South

From its vintage charm to its modern-chic vibes, 12 South is a popular dining, shopping and people-watching hub for Nashville natives and visitors alike.

Before it was carved out as a separate neighborhood in the 1990s, 12 South was considered part of the Belmont – Hillsboro neighborhood, which was previously known as Waverly Belmont – a community that developed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries in response to the advent of the streetcar, which allowed Nashville to expand into the surrounding farmland. The large farms that once occupied the Granny White Pike area have since been replaced with commercial retail and residential buildings. Evidence of Waverly Belmont’s rich history can still be seen in its traditional churches and foursquare homes.

In the 1990s, an alliance of Hawkins Partners, 1221, MDHA and others, including real estate brokers Joel Solomon and Mark Deutschmann, created and implemented a plan to designate 12 South as a separate neighborhood. The vision of these urban pioneers led to 12 South becoming the thriving community it is today. Now, boutiques and quaint restaurants line the streets, drawing in the business of tourists and locals alike.

12 South Flats

12 South Flats

The 12 South Farmers’ Market is held on Tuesdays in Sevier Park – at the south end of the district – and food trucks, vendors and music acts line the park as visitors enjoy the sights and sounds of the event.

Sevier Park is also home to the historic Sunnyside mansion, a home built in 1852. The home was most notably owned by Mary Benton, whose husband Jesse is known for holding a pistol fight with President Andrew Jackson. During the Civil War, Sunnyside sat between the Union and Confederate sides. Over 150 years since its foundation was laid, the yellow house still stands atop a hill inside the park for visitors to see.

12 South Flats

12 South Flats

Real estate here is highly sought after, and Southeast Venture’s 12 South Flats is a prime example of the charming residential spaces available in the area. The modern property is a mixed-use building featuring nearly 10,000 square feet of ground-floor retail space and 90 residential units. The property offers a variety of floor plans with a luxurious loft experience, and the location can’t be beat.

The rising popularity of the 12 South district has made the secret of its charm impossible to keep, but the charismatic neighborhood will forever remain one of Nashville’s greatest treasures.

April Aerial Progress – 12 South Flats

New aerial pictures of the 12 South Flats project. Spring is in the air!


New Aerials — 12 South Flats

Check out our progress…

12thSouth030313_110 12thSouth030313_113 12thSouth030313_124

Construction Update: 12 South Flats

We wanted to share our newest aerial photos of the 12 South Flats construction. These pictures, taken by Aerial Innovations on Friday last week, pretty much speak for themselves. It’s hard to believe construction started just nine months ago.

12thSouth020113_118 12thSouth020113_121 12thSouth020113_125

H.G. Hill Realty and Southeast Venture Plant Trees Along 12 South Corridor

Partnership with Metro Government will enhance the community feel of the neighborhood

H.G. Hill Realty Company, LLC and Southeast Venture, LLC, in partnership with Metro Public Works and Metro Parks and Recreation, announced today the 12 South Tree Planting Project, an initiative to replace damaged and dying trees along the 12 South business corridor.

treesThe plan, put together by Hawkins Partners, Inc. Landscape Architects, includes planting 10 new trees and pruning, fertilizing and removing dead limbs from all existing street trees to enhance their appearance and longevity in order to make a more consistent street tree palette. H.G. Hill Realty and Southeast Venture are covering the $8,500 cost of this project.

This is the second community project for Metro Horticulturist Jennifer Smith, who manages the new Landscape Coordination Program housed in Metro Public Works.

“The new trees will enhance the community feel of the 12 South business district. A healthy urban forest attracts shoppers and visitors, and sends a positive message about the surrounding shops and restaurants,” said Smith. “These trees will need important, ongoing care that will be provided by Metro and the non-profit tree organization, SoundForest, which already planted many trees in this area, most notably the addition of 125 trees in Sevier Park.”

Cherry, Oak and Zelkova trees with mechanical damage, suckers, uneven canopy and nutrient deficiency will be pruned or replaced. Mulching to aid in moisture retention, weed reduction and minimize mechanical damage will also be applied.

“About 10 years ago, the city made significant streetscape improvements to 12th Avenue South and planted a lot of trees. Over the years many of those trees have been damaged for one reason or another,” said Wood Caldwell, principal at Southeast Venture. “We’re excited to be partnering with the city of Nashville and its new horticulturist to invest in these trees to improve and maintain the quality of the 12 South community.”

In June, H.G. Hill Realty and Southeast Venture broke ground on 12 South Flats, a mixed-use development in the 12 South neighborhood comprised of 82 one bedroom and eight two bedroom apartments and contains 9,870 square feet of retail floor. The project also includes a 98-space below grade parking garage for residents and 48 surface spaces for retail patrons.

The development, which is being executed through a joint venture between H.G. Hill Realty and Southeast Venture, is slated for completion by the late summer of 2013.

Work on the tree planting is expected to begin after the holidays when back-to-back rainy seasons make it ideal for planting.

12South Lofts Construction Update

We just wanted to share our newest aerial photos from the 12South project. A big thanks to Aerial Innovations of Tennessee for taking the shots.

H.G. Hill Realty Company & Southeast Venture Purchase Additional Land for 12 South Lofts Project

Development to bring high-end apartments, retail to 12 South neighborhood

12 South PerspectiveH.G. Hill Realty Company and Southeast Venture have purchased two additional sites totaling 0.4 acres for use with the planned retail/multi-family building in the 12 South neighborhood.

The additional land immediately north of the original 0.8-acre site at 2310 12th Ave. S. will give the project a total of 1.2 acres. The building will be a mixed use development comprised of 90 luxury rental apartments and 9,800-square-feet ground floor retail. The apartments will consist of primarily one-bedroom units.

Located next to 12 South Taproom and Grill, the project includes a 98-space below grade parking garage for residents, and 48 surface spaces for retail patrons. The development will be executed through a joint venture between H.G. Hill Realty Company and Southeast Venture. Southeast Venture’s architectural and interiors department will be carrying out the building’s design.

12 South SiteWork on the project is expected to start in mid April, with completion set for the summer of 2013. We look forward to working with H.G. Hill Realty on the development of this property, and hope to create a building for the residents of the 12 South neighborhood that’s unique and true to the area.

To read more about this project, check out our earlier entry.

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H.G. Hill Realty & Southeast Venture to Build Mixed Use Building in 12 South Neighborhood

The multi-family and retail project will be developed through a joint venture between the two local commercial real estate firms

12 South Lofts

We are pleased to announce today that H.G. Hill Realty Company and Southeast Venture have purchased 0.82 acres in the 12 South neighborhood from Middle Tennessee Roofing Co., Inc., and plan to design, develop and lease a mixed use, retail, multi-family building on the site at 2310 12th Ave. S.

Located next to 12 South Taproom and Grill, the new building will be a mixed use development comprised of 67 luxury rental apartments and 4,200-square-feet ground floor retail.

The addition of high-end apartments and retail space will fill a much-needed niche in the 12 South neighborhood. We expect construction to begin on the project in April 2012, with units being ready for occupancy in spring 2013.